The Brazilian Workshop on Semiconductor Physics is a biannual workshop initiated in 1983 with the goal of gathering the Brazilian semiconductor physics community to a series of lectures on the most important and timely topics in the area. In this edition we will continue to cover a broad range of topics such as graphene, wide- and narrow-gap semiconductors, low dimensional systems, quantum information, spin manipulation, organic and biological related semiconductors, among other traditional topics in semiconductor physics. Moreover, we will include a section for quantum Hall effect and topological materials.


After the BWSP-17 held in Uberlândia - Minas Gerais in 2015, the BWSP returns to the state of São Paulo. The BWSP-18 will be held from Aug. 14 to 18 / 2017 (save the dates!) at the Maresias Beach Hotel:


Maresias is one of the beautiful beaches located in São Sebastião, approximately 180 km from the São Paulo International Airport (it is also the hometown of world surf champion Gabriel Medina). The hotel has a conference room that can easily accommodate 200 people plus a venue for posters.

In this edition, the BWSP will be organized by professors from the Institute of Physics of the University of São Paulo (IFUSP). USP is the leading research university in Latin America, according to several International Rankings.