¤ Fabrication and caracterization of new semiconductor materials;
¤ Transport phenomena in semiconductor heterostructures:
superlattices, quantum wells, quantum dots, etc;

¤ Self-organized quantum dots of III-V materials;
¤ Many-body effects in semiconductor structures;
¤ Diluted magnetic semiconductor materials;
¤ Wide band gap materials: group-III nitrides, higk-k dielectrics;


¤ Many-body effects in low dimensional semiconductor systems;
¤ Electronic and hole band structures of semiconductor heterostructures: superlattices, quantum wells and quantum dots;
¤ Band structure of n- and p - type doped heterostructures: selfconsistent k.p method, exchange-correlation effects, strain effects;
¤ Optical and transport properties of diluted magnetic semiconductors - spintronics ;

¤ Thermodynamics of ternary and quaternary III-V alloys:
group-III nitrides, group-III arsenides, etc.;
¤ Electronic and vibrational properties of  impurities and defects in bulk semiconductors, in group-III nitride alloys, in oxides;
¤ Optical properties of   high-k dielectrics.


1. MBE GEN II system

2. Superconducting magnet with He3 insert

3. Spectrometer with laser


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